When should window seals be replaced?

How long do window seals actually last?

Window seals should be replaced after 15 years at the latestas seals often wear out unnoticed and lose a lot of their effectiveness. This is noticeable when cleaning the windows by black residues (addition of soot particles in the formulation of older window seals) in the cloth. It is very extreme and unmistakable when the window seals are hard and crumbled.

By then at the latest, the seals have stopped working and must be replaced immediately. The consequences of this are not only associated with much higher heating costs, but also with an uncomfortable and unhealthy feeling in the home due to draughts. Although the room temperature is 22°C, it always seems as if there is a draught and it is not really warm in the rooms.

Changing window seals can be done by anyone - with a little patience. Ask us, we will be happy to help you with the procurement of window seals of all kinds. We will also be happy to give you tips and suggestions for replacing your new window seals.