Better understand our special silicone window seal

Better understand our special silicone seal for PVC windows. 

First of all: Regardless of the shape of a window seal, "sealing" is the primary task of a seal for windows and doors. The profile geometry of our special seal has therefore been selected so that it can be used as a sash seal or as a frame seal.

Which special gasket do I need for my window?

The prerequisite for this is that the seal can be pressed into the groove provided on the window. The decisive factor here is the gasket base on the lower part of the gasket. 

The gasket base is different for many gaskets, and two features are very important here:
  1. The web width is the tapered part of the gasket. This clamps the gasket into the gasket groove on the window. If the groove width on the window is 3 mm, for example, the width of the web should be around 2.8 - 3.2 mm.
  2. The base width is the lowest part of the seal. This part resembles a triangle and gives the seal the necessary hold. At the same time, it prevents the seal from coming loose from the groove. According to our example, the gasket base should be approx. 3.5 - 4.0 mm.