Determine window seals yourself

Why is it actually so difficult to find suitable window seals for PVC-U windows?

PVC-U windows have a market share of approx. 60 % in Europe. These window profiles have been manufactured since the 1960s by around 15 different system suppliers such as Schüco, Rehau, Veka, Kömmerling, Weru and others. These companies sell their prefabricated raw profiles as bars to so-called fabricators (carpenters or window manufacturers). They then manufacture the windows for their customers from PVC-U profiles.

Now to the core issue of window seals:
Each manufacturer uses its own system and therefore also different profiles, each of which requires different seals. Due to the constant further development of window systems, more and more different window seals are required. In addition, different seals are used for each window.

A distinction is made here between a sash seal in the moving part and a frame seal in the fixed part of the window, which is connected to the masonry. Glazing bead and glazing bead seals are also required for the manufacture of a window. It is therefore very difficult to obtain suitable seals for older windows.

Due to the further development of the various window systems over the years, a large number of different seals are automatically required for windows and also for doors.

It is relatively easy to get a new window, but it is very difficult to get a new seal for older PVC windows. Even the fabricators or carpenters reach their limits when their customers from the past now need new seals for their older windows.
8 out of 10 of our customers say "our joiner said there are no more seals for our window". Certainly not true, but a carpenter deals very little with window seals and this is not his daily business.

Now we come into play.
We have been dealing with windows and doors for almost 30 years. We have also gained experience in the installation of building elements for over 20 years. We are therefore very familiar with the problems on site.
We have been specialising exclusively in seals for windows and doors of all kinds for around 10 years. We sell these very successfully in our online shop.

If you have any questions about window seals, we will be happy to help and advise you. Put us to the test!